Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Audi Spyder Urban Concept

Audi is presenting the convertible version of the Urban Concept project your future as far as urban mobility is concerned. 1 +1 seating arrangement, electric motor drive and sleek design are the letters. A few days ago we received the first reports of the Urban Concept Audi, the Audi future project as far as urban mobility is concerned.

This is not the thing, and that the signing of the four rings will introduce the occasion of the Frankfurt Motor Show to be held in September, the convertible version of this prototype. This Audi Spyder Concept Urban roof obviously lacks, and has a windshield that extends to the end of the passenger compartment, providing comfort to the occupants and aggressive aesthetics that gives it a more sporty set.

As for the door opening system is also novel as confirmed from the German, where its engineers say that they rise up diagonally. Inside there is space for two occupants, whose position has been staggered and located in a very low point, favoring the center of gravity. Removed all the elements that do not have a specific task, so the lightness of this Audi Spyder Concept Urban is another of his hallmarks.

As for mechanics, is fully electric, featuring an electric drivetrain that transmits its power to the rear always looking for possible sports performance. As mentioned, this new project of Audi will be one of the stars of upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show, so there is nothing to see him live and know each and every one of its features.

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