Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Toyota Prius PHEV

The expected Toyota Prius 'Plug in' is ready: the production model will make its official debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011. Consumption of 2.2 l/100 km and emissions below 50 g / km of CO2 are your cover letter. What do you think? Leave your comments, the most interesting magazine published in the Highway.

If you prefer, debate the news in our forums. Two years after the prototype 'plug' of the Toyota Prius to be shown to the world, the manufacturer announced the launch of Nippon production model. Will be at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 where we will see the Toyota Prius PHEV, the most advanced hybrid models to date.

While the non-tradable option had already passed through our hands, the only production model differs from that, except in efficiency figures which are slightly better than the known so far. The Toyota PHEVs equipped with a lithium ion battery newly designed, more compact but more capacity, which is recharged plugged into a household outlet in just one and a half.

The 'electrical way' has been designed for people short distances at speeds below 100 km / h: the variant that has been run so far, is able to run for 20 miles without turning the combustion engine. As confirmed by the Japanese, the fuel consumption is set at a whopping 2.2 l/100 km, while emissions boasts the lowest in the market: 49 g / km of CO2.

The most advanced Toyota Hybrid, which the manufacturer and designated as flagship of its ecological range, draws on technologies like Hybrid Synergy Drive, which is present in all hybrids which according to the manufacturer boasts, has helped to make a technology much more affordable. So far, Toyota does not publish performance of this new model will be unveiled figures in a few days when the German show opens.

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