Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ford says goodbye to the CD

Once upon a time the CD player. In fact there is still, however, as do the plants "household", including support for CD board is ready to set the pace for much more advanced - and already proven - multimedia technologies. The next step, indeed, is the complete elimination of any CD player, to the benefit of iPods and other digital libraries.

An example in this sense, comes from Ford, which announced the next day they scrapped the CD through your stereo of your car. The future of music for your journey, then, it will be much more lightweight and practical. No more searching for CDs in the drawers and storage compartments: just a "pen" and you're done.

Sheryl Connelly, manager of Ford Division's Global Trends, explains the next technological revolution for the radio: "The technology in-flight entertainment through a phase of change even faster than any other element of the car. That we came to conclusion that the CD is destined to disappear in the face of increasing use of new technologies.

" In detail, the project foresees the installation on the dashboard Ford's new Focus of a USB socket, allowing the connection to iPods and other digital devices. By 2015, the Group plans Blue Oval indicate that two million of Ford in Europe will be equipped with the new multimedia system.

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