Friday, August 12, 2011

Mercedes CLC will also be the Shooting-Brake

The Mercedes CLC, the younger sister of the CLS coupe-sedan set to debut in the coming years, will give birth to a second body variant. Just like the CLS, even the most compact model will be declined in a shooting-brake version, which will take the form of a station-all sport coupe and dynamism. Mercedes, therefore, continues to create new market niches with the dual purpose of responding to an increasingly demanding public and increase profits.

The news of the approval of the project, Dieter Zetsche was in person: the number one in Stuttgart has given the go-ahead to this model, expected in 2014, two years after the CLS Shooting-Brake and an after CLC . This new platform will be born on the MFA, front-wheel drive architecture that will give new life to the Class A and Class B, for a small SUV that will compete with Audi Q3 and BMW X1 and-precisely-to the new station- coupe.

As for the design of the car, the CLC-Shooting Brake will be something very similar to a version of "scale"-the Shooting Brake Concept, a dramatic prototype presented by Stella at Beijing Motor Show 2010. Pavilion elusive, dynamic and flowing lines, sporty proportions: the style will no doubt have the best functionality.

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