Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lotus Evora Road Car Concept GTE

Based on the Lotus Evora GTE Road Race Car Concept comes this, which becomes the prototype of the future street version of this model. Will he finally sold? Hopefully yes, because the first data promise. It will not be presented until next August 18 to mark the Concours d'Elegance Pebble Beach, but we already have the first image of the new 'concept' of Lotus, the Evora Road Car GTE, which is the street version of the model of competition that Lotus Motorsport manufactured to compete in the GTE.

The information that we have so far is sparse, but enough to realize that this is a special vehicle. Lotus has set out to create a race car with street approval, not just a street car-like 'racing', which is what is usually done by the engineers of the British brand. The Lotus Evora Road Car Concept GTE will have a home V6 Toyota 4-liter and a maximum power of 420 hp.

In this engine is associated with a sequential gearbox racing ATM, counting this prototype also has ultra-lightweight alloy wheels that will host some Pirelli P Zero Corsa. The tires, in addition to its new alloy, have another novelty, and fixing the hub with a central nut, as happens in the world of racing.

For now, Lotus has not confirmed any more data, even if we face a future production model, a limited edition or just before a prototype. Within a couple of days, when formally submitted data will have more officers of the Lotus Evora Road Car Concept GTE.

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