Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Toyota Prius Hybrid + 7 seats in Frankfurt 2011

We will use his knowledge at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show (15-25 September) and we do not buy it until 2012. It's the new Toyota Prius +, MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) equipped with seven seats full hybrid technology. As its name suggests, the Prius + provides a significant increase of space and seats more comfortable.

Compared to the version we already know, the Prius + is longer than 155 mm, wider by 30 mm, higher than 85 mm and a wheelbase increased by 80 mm, so as to allow all adult passengers to sit in all 3 rows of seats. The application of the third row of seats has made it possible to revisit the transmission of Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive.

The system presents the installation of a lithium-ion battery pack inside the compact center console, right between the two front seats. This innovation made it possible to avoid compromising the comfort of passengers and cargo space. The new lithium-ion battery benefits from more than ten years experience in the production of nickel metal-hydride batteries found in cars full range of Toyota hybrid.

And this new battery has been developed with the aim of securing the highest standards for durability and reliability and accompany the vehicle in its life cycle. With this latest generation Hybrid Synergy Drive transmission, with its aerodynamic performance and weight reduction, the new Prius has + emission levels are class leading, with CO2 emissions below the threshold of 100 g / km and negligible levels of NOx and particulates.

The Prius goes on sale in Europe from the first half of 2012.

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