Thursday, August 11, 2011

BMW Logo: in a video the origin and evolution

The BMW logo, it would seem to explain why the Bavarian manufacturer is called "House of the propeller," with obvious reference to the kind of prop that seems glimpsed on his historic symbol. In reality, however, the facts are different and even though the company has taken the first steps by building aircraft engines, there is no connection with that time.

The group of Monaco of Bavaria has released a video to explain the origins behind the logo, a movie through which we learn that the symbol is derived from that of today's BMW Motorenwerke Rapp, the company that, in the shadow of the First War World, realized the aircraft engines on behalf of the Austrian Government.

To this were added the colors of the flag of Bavaria, which is characterized by white and blue. The clip is also traced in outline the evolution of the BMW logo, which although it has always remained true to himself, over the years has been updated in small details that made it more modern and current, but always with the tradition.

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