Monday, August 29, 2011

Alfa Romeo returns in the U.S.

The plan of the return of Alfa Romeo in the United States, after so many second thoughts and the redefinition of the style of Julia, has finally been resolved. To take the lead on the difficult U.S. market will be a year from the exciting Alfa Romeo 4C, whose version of "almost standard" we'll see in a few days at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Fully support the decision to entrust the stage back to a product with limited sales volume, but highly evocative image of the sporting heart of the diversity of DNA and Alfa Romeo. The product will support the projected sales volumes - 85,000 Alfa Romeo American operational in 2014 - will also be the first SUV with the Alfa brand.

Developed in partnership with Dodge, Jeep, Lancia and Fiat, will be born on the now famous platform C / D Evo - after the onset with Juliet - equip, thanks to the extreme flexibility, all mid-sized cars of the Fiat group / of Chrysler next generation. The order will be the first to debut the compact Dodge in 2012, then the compact SUV and Jeep Alfa Romeo, the new Fiat Bravo Crossover, the successor to the Lancia Delta and follow the Alfa Giulia sedan and wagon in 2013.

The results of the group will then be tied to the results of the various brands of products produced on the platform C / D So off to the SUV which will be compared with Alfa Romeo Audi Q3 and Q5, BMW X1 and X3, Mercedes GLK, Evoque Range Rover and Porsche Cajiun future. A game that does not worry in terms of quality and technology, but in which the emotional impact of the style is, once again, a key role.

The Alfa Romeo SUV, of which perhaps we will see the concept in Frankfurt, would cover about one third of the 85,000 American Alpha provided in the scheme, an important role, unimaginable until a few years ago as a symbol of a sports brand, but if there are already successfully passed the Porsche and BMW Alfa Romeo why should not he do it? The absolute star of the brand presence of the snake in the States will be the sedan / station Giulia, which, as noted, Marchionne has forced a sharp redefinition of the style, conscious of the importance for a brand like Alfa Romeo emotional visual impact must have .

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