Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Alfa Romeo: the United States with the 4C and the compact crossover

In the series of rumors, denials and delays are now part of a certainty: Alfa Romeo will return to North America with the 4C and a compact crossover, the C source-Ages. The remaining elements of the mosaic are exposed to Burian, the oscillations of a great chief ambitious and relentless, very demanding to have failed - so they say - three times the style of Julia.

Therefore difficult to move dates, much less assume semesters, recommended by a past that once again the echo of the word "delay". And instead of a long article published by Automotive News clarifies plans for his return of Alfa Romeo in North America, including how the latest delay also represents a possible light at the end of the tunnel.

In mid 2013, six months later than the latest promises, the lists of Canada and the U.S. will host again the Alfa Romeo brand, first with the already mentioned 4C and compact crossover. The first part is 250 hp 1.8 turbo engine, noble materials and style softened and simplified compared to the Concept, while the crossover will be produced at Mirafiori (late 2012) and will cross the ocean, then six months later.

In the following months will be then introduced the compact B-segment, the evolution of the MiTo - Autonews about a whole new model - and five-door body, followed by redesign and Juliet of the Roadster LX platform (as used by the Chrysler 300) rear-wheel drive.

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