Thursday, August 11, 2011

Even in China, car testing without driver starts

Researchers at the National University of Defense Technology have started road tests of the first Chinese car without a driver, very interesting because it uses a solution alternative to the Google Car. The Hongqi HQ3 chosen as a "mule" has in fact sensors, cameras and computers, but it lacks a GPS system that monitors and controls the position of the trajectories.

The HQ3 can ignite and travel in total autonomy, but does not depend in any way from satellites: all its intelligence is in fact contained within the body of 4.97 meters. The "driveless car" has run in the 248 highway miles between the city of Changsha from Wuhan, using 3 hours and 20 minutes, bringing to an end without incident the first real road test.

The brainy HQ3 handles used by any type of message in just 40 milliseconds, significantly less time than the 500 needed for the human brain. For now, this car will remain a concept car.

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