Wednesday, August 17, 2011

BMW X5 and X6 Exclusive Editions

The brand continues to liven up 2011 with Bavarian news. They will be available from autumn and beyond new versions for X5 and X6 SUV. So come the Exclusive Edition, which will be shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 and the variant of the BMW X5 30d XDrive, whose letter is efficiency. What do you think? Leave your comments, the most interesting magazine published in the Highway.

If you prefer, debate the news in our forums. While just over a month we got the first news of updates to BMW for the last throes of 2011, today marks the data reveals all about it. The main novelty will be presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011, two special editions of the X5 and X6 SUV that add the surname of Exclusive Editions.

Both versions coming to market this fall, only add aesthetic contributions, highlighting new exterior colors, the Platinum Bronze Metallic in the BMW X5 and the Mineral Silver Metallica in the BMW X6, or alloy wheels 20 inches with a new design in Y. Similarly, developments in the interior are unique to these versions, as is the case with sports seats Oyster Nevada leather with black seams in contrast, enjoyed electrically adjustable, built-in heating.

Similarly, the BMW X5 and X6 Edition Exclusive enjoy the best benefits associated with BMW SUV, such as the eight-speed automatic or adaptive traction xDrive all-wheel drive. Both versions may be attached to different mechanics of this range, highlighting the powerful six-cylinder engine and 245 hp online.

Along with the BMW X5 and X6 Exclusive Edition, will hit showrooms this fall a new more efficient variant of the BMW X5. We talk about the xDrive 30d, which benefits from technology incorporating a new catalyst BluePerformance and a diesel particulate filter that records the consumption of 7.5 l/100 km and emissions of 198 g / km of CO2.

Thanks to its ecological setting, this new model meets the requirements of the legislation Euro6, which will run the next 2014.

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