Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mazda temporarily blocked the development of the Wankel rotary engine

The Wankel engine, which for decades has marked the history of Mazda in serious danger of ending up in oblivion: the Japanese company could soon say goodbye to the rotary. To anticipate was Kiyoshi Fujiwara, manager product planning and development of powertrain manufacturer. The manager, during an interview with Ward's Auto, has clearly stated that the discussion on the future of the Wankel is completely open.

The retirement of Rotary has not been decided yet in an official manner, but given the global economic conditions, says Fujiwara, Mazda has found it necessary to rethink much of its research and development. And the Wankel is among the projects exposed to greater risk of provision: the house far more important to focus on new technologies SkyActiv.

"The rotary is part of our soul," admitted Fujiwara, who emphasized that thanks to the investments of the Mazda Wankel has passed many of his congenital problems. "If the technology will collect SkyActiv market success, we have sufficient funds to continue to invest in this type of engine."

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