Monday, August 1, 2011

Bugatti Galibier: started in 2012 confirmed

The Galibier Bugatti officially debut in autumn 2012, thus filling the void left by the end of production of the Veyron and anticipating the time originally planned by the project. While the top Bugatti working on a new hyper car, the Galibier will be called on to represent the "maximum" in terms of quality, luxury, performance and price.

According to Auto Motor und Sport advances, production could reach up to 1000-1500 units in total, an ambitious goal considering the price, definitely more than one million euros: it is still numbers less than 3000 copies in 6 years hypothesized by Autoblog . nl about a month ago. The Galibier will mount the same W16 of the Veyron detuned to about 850 hp, complete with a plug-in hybrid and an electric motor, able to travel about 40 km Bugatti zero emission in the inner cities.

The scheme also provides for the mechanical movement of the huge and heavy W16 on the front, a very interesting challenge for engineers. Commercially, it is still unclear if the car will retain the name of the concept car will return to, or use the historical theme Royale.

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