Friday, August 5, 2011

Lada 2107: completed production

In recent weeks, has completed production of Lada 2107, known as Zhiguli sedan and built from the legendary Fiat 124. The Russian manufacturer is thus sacrificed one of its most successful cars, both in the past as in this: thanks to government incentives, in force until the end of May, 2107 proved to be the second best-selling car in Russia in the first half 2011, preceded by Lada Kalina Lada Priora, but followed by Samara.

The price of just 2,800 euros has clearly facilitated the exploit, but it is not the only virtue of a model in the gap for 40 years (the first copy was sold in 1970) and sold over 21 million specimens, 17 of which Lada brand. Autovaz started production of the Fiat 124 in 1970, following an agreement between the Lingotto and the Soviet government signed four years earlier.

At the plant were then assembled Togliattigrad Lada 2101 sedan and 2102 with body-bodied station wagon, both powered by a four-cylinder 1198 cc (62 hp) and change in the suspension, and even positioned in the brake system (rear drums in place of the disc) so as to adapt better to the Russian roads.

The 2101 underwent an evolution until reaching the current 2107, replaced in the latest Granta list.

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