Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nissan in the future rival of Mazda MX-5. With electric motor

Nissan is working on a project that should bring into production a sporty rear-wheel drive. So far, nothing unusual you might say. The news in fact, lies in the choice to be made at the level of the powertrain: the child will adopt the Japanese model of the electric motor Leaf duly enhanced. In the viewfinder there is a myth, like an evergreen Mazda MX-5.

It is not the first time that they think of a Nissan sport compact to meet the needs of the client of the third millennium: in 2008 was put on an interesting project to provide an heir to the 200 SX. The revival would have been born on the shortened platform of the 370Z. Powered by the 1.6 turbo 190 hp in the Juke, the model would have 2 +2 interior.

The future electricity instead, born on a whole new platform. -What other information will be stressed-developed with Mercedes, as part of technological cooperation signed between the German company and its subsidiary Renault-Nissan. The platform in question is extremely versatile and modular, it will be not only the skeleton of this model to zero emissions, but will also form the basis of the 370Z and GT-R next generation, as well as a future sports Infiniti.

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