Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nissan Leaf: Its batteries can power a house

Nissan in Japan has presented a system to use lithium-ion batteries Nissan Leaf as a store of energy to power homes. The project is part of a broader strategy on the company's emission-free and opens new perspectives for the use of electric cars. Until now it has spoken grid, ie the energy network, only on the charging of the batteries and the intelligent use of time slots to optimize costs.

Nissan has instead provided the use of stored energy in the Leaf, equal to 24 kWh for households not connected to the power grid or in emergency conditions, such as blackouts and energy crises. Using the rapid charging connector of the present in the front door, you can then connect to the network housing the Leaf: Considering the current average consumption of Nipponese apartments, energy is enough for 2 days.

The new device will be available within a few months in Japan and will also allow the normal recharging of the car. The preview of the system took place at the Kan-kan-kyo, a "concept" eco-friendly house built near the Nissan headquarters in Yokohama.

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