Friday, August 5, 2011

Opel Ampera will be the next most economical and technologically advanced

The second generation dell'Opel Ampera will be presented in the course of 2015 and will mark a major step forward compared to the current. First, the new model will cost less than the current. And then, from the point of view of the technology, it will be even more advanced. To affect the high price of the model, which in Italy will be offered to 42,900 euros, especially the lithium-ion battery pack.

And from there, over the next four years, you will get the biggest savings: According to forecasts, the future of the battery pack will cost about 4000 euros Ampera compared to the current 8000. Other savings result from economies of scale will be determined by the diffusion model and the relocation of production: the next Ampera born in several GM factories around the world, including at least one in Europe.

"We need to update your employees to do this but we will succeed in time. Will we capitalize on the experience of the Ampera to create a less expensive model and designed in a more expressive, "said Nick Reilly, a number of Opel. According to insiders, this means that the next generation car will be very different from American twin, the Chevrolet Volt, and more in line with the design of other Opel.

The executive also revealed that the powertrain will in the future dell'Ampera equip other models, would suggest that there is a chance to see an entire family of models derived from the first EREV history of Opel. The ampere is a model of course very special, signed by a German brand, is only produced in the United States.

And above all, does not generate profits. Its task is to ensure margins, according to Reilly, but rather to lay the groundwork for future supremacy in the field of Opel EREV.

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