Thursday, August 4, 2011

Toyota Land Cruiser, 60 years of off-road

It was August 1, 1951 when Toyota began to write one of your most important pages of motoring history, the dellaLand Cruiser off-road race that has passed through unchanged in the decades fascinating, revealing and valuable companion timeless adventure on rough terrain around the world. "Where there were no roads there was a Land Cruiser." This is the slogan of the terrain of the Rising Sun by the world's most popular campaign rallies that African has won the trust of millions of motorists and trophies of all sorts.

Throughout its long history it has been produced in different series: the first models with initials BJ and FJ (from '51 to '55) to the later series 20, 40, 55/56 (from '55 to 1980) without forgetting the latest 60 series in the decade 80-90, 70 series since 1984, and again 80, 90, 100, 120 and 200 (since 2007).

Also different versions: the 3-door short wheelbase, the long wheelbase 5-door wagon up to the format. A relentless journey always driven by sales more than 190 markets. The Toyota Land Cruiser, with the passage of decades, has certainly changed the skin and not only adjusting to the needs of motorists and the needs of the market without losing its identity as a means for all terrains and surfaces.

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