Monday, August 8, 2011

Evoque Range Rover: Land Rover's new paradigm

That Range Rover Evoque is the story of an announced success. Its design concept LRX so faithful to make it one of the few exercises in style from that Salon may also put in the garage. And the audience appreciated immediately, as confirmed by the 18,000 units already in the book launch. In light of these numbers is no surprise that Land Rover wants to repeat the formula on the next Range Rover Evoque also out next year 2013, making last came the new paradigm of the range.

As announced by the head of design, Gerry McGovern, plays almost like a sacrilege for fans of the Range Rover for over 40 years and always equal to itself than fads. But obviously the market research showed that the public is not interested in it stand out but rather to a more modern. So we must expect a 2013 Range Rover more dynamic and less clumsy.

Headlights cut slimmer and probably a more sporty side windows especially in the third light. The interior of the classical range could leave room for a layout and art solutions. Obviously the technology is always at the top. A refined design solution will be the adoption of aluminum for various parts of the body and perhaps also for the frame, a choice that would reduce the mass of 450 kg compared to the current model.

For the engines it comes to the most frugal in consumption units, and even hybrid, as already provided for Evoque.

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