Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lexus: news for IS, LS, RX and LFA

Lexus is preparing for a large number of innovations in the coming years. The new generation of GS, in fact, represents a starting point from which to derive many new models, thanks to the new shared platform, as confirmed by AutomotiveNews. From the GS, then will come the end of 2012 the new IS, which will then declined in abandoning the metal roof convertible version for the fabric roof.

From the same platform as the flagship LS will come in 2013, which will reduce the weight of his best weapon, the hybrid LS600h is confirmed that the V8 will not abandon despite the rampant downsizing, but will focus even more on the ecology than performance as well. In 2014, then the turn of the new RX crossover, which are not yet available advances of any kind: the obvious presence of the hybrid version, which could continue to use nickel batteries.

Advances previous study also confirmed a smaller of the RX crossover, when no further confirmation, but highly strategic view of the current market tedenza: CT200h could result from recent, which is also expected a more powerful variant CT300h. With regard to the LFA, will return to talk about the Roadster.

Launched in 2008 as a concept, could become a reality in 2014, when production of the 500 copies of the coupe is already over a year.

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