Monday, August 1, 2011

New Mercedes B-Class

Mercedes has unveiled the first official pictures of the inside of its new Class B. This model will be presented at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show and goes on sale in Europe in November. The arrival of the new Mercedes B-Class continues burning stages, and that the German manufacturer has unveiled the first official images of the interior of this model will be presented in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show and will reach European showrooms all over the November.

It shows a shift in the design of the dashboard, betting on an image where the aesthetic value premium over the usual German coldness. The outputs of climate are now circular, just above the browser dramatically improving visibility. It also appears in this area a decorative wood that gives a touch of elegance to the whole.

What remains unchanged from what we know is the air conditioning controls and the interior design of the doors. However, these images serve as our rough idea, because according to Mercedes there will be multiple finishing options that will change the image inside the new Class B almost like the consumer.

In gasoline, Mercedes confesses that he has adapted the injection technology of its new 6 and 8 cylinders to open (under code M270) a new 1.6-liter engine displacement, high compression ratio (10,3:1) and high elasticity. About the Class B are advertised to start two variants.

In the future on this block was increased up to 2.0 liters displacement in a new engine that will reach the Class C Diesel Back in the future Mercedes B-Class also released a new evolution of the current 220 CDI engine C-Class, but now with 1.8 liters displacement and OM651 code.

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