Monday, August 1, 2011

BMW thinks of a new nomenclature of the models

The diversification of the split between the brands that are part of the group is bringing the heads of BMW to reconsider the nomenclature of the various models. Open to this possibility was a declaration of Ian Robertson, Member of the Board, as well as sales and marketing director of the German home.

Robertson said that with regard to the future there may be an evolution of the system, thus opening the door to a possible change. The manager also explained that "there are different numbers that can be exploited", implying that the new models in the near future may or may not follow the current approach as regards the choice of the name.

Remains as alive the issue of copyright of names, as happens all too often as a name apparently "free" of a market is actually used by a competing group to another market, bringing houses to collide with strokes of legal battles over to defend his case, or alternatively to use a different nomenclature in different markets for the same model, at the expense of simplification and brand strength.

To be affected by two developments could also be the trade marks in proportion to BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce that, but the news in this regard are still very uncertain. It suggests the possibility that alphanumeric names are used for future models, an aspect which, however, especially for a brand like Rolls-Royce, whose clientele has always paid great attention to detail, it should be evaluated carefully.

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