Monday, August 1, 2011

Ford Fiesta: 35 years and 15 million units

It was in 1976 when the first Ford Fiesta rolled off the factory in Valencia. A geological era in the automotive world, but to count only 35 years, years in which the utilitarian Blue Oval has always been able to carve out an important role in the European market. In recent years has changed everything: design, materials, technology and sales strategy.

In 2011 Ford, in addition to the 35th anniversary of a sixth-generation model arrived today, also celebrates the piece number 15 million, came from the production lines in recent days. The globalization of today, however, has meant that the Fiesta is now also produced in Thailand, Mexico, China, Germany.

Ford will continue the celebrations at home all summer because the small car does not seem to suffer from the wind of the crisis to the point that was confirmed between the second best-selling cars in the old continent after the Volkswagen Golf. But in its segment, the Fiesta remains the undisputed leader because after 35 years still shows signs of age, thanks to the many restyling that over time have focused on the interior and exterior.

The sixth version was launched just over 2 years ago and has reached one million units sold.

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