Thursday, August 4, 2011

Los Angeles Motor Show 2011: so many news

There are still four months to debut the show in Los Angeles in 2011, which will open officially on November 18, but according to the announcement by the organizers of the 2011 edition includes the debut of 50 models of major manufacturers with an eye to new ecological California has always been the protagonists in the festival.

In Los Angeles there will once again all the major brands that have animated the past year, with the addition of new exhibition spaces requested by several manufacturers in order to improve the experience and contact with the public with all the additions to be put on display. According to the general manager of the Los Angeles Auto Show, Andy Füzesi: "The message this year is very clear.

The auto industry is experiencing a time of rebirth and the LA Show is an important forum for the launch by manufacturers innovations that open the way for the future. " In Los Angeles are expected several "firsts" for many models. Among them are Ford debuts with three international, who will join the new products introduced by Fiat, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, General Motors and luxury brands like Porsche, Mercedes, Infiniti and BMW.

In addition to Los Angeles with low environmental impact models will be rewarded with the coveted "Green Car of the Year" awards and "Green Car Ride and Drive" and "Green Nielsen Automotive Marketer of the Year".

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